Red Wee Monster Play Sets

Customer Testimonials

Wee Monsters has spent over 20 years serving Georgia families. While providing then with custom, affordable, quality playground equipment we always strive to give our customers a great experience. Below you will find what some of our customers have to say about it!

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My kids’ playset was just installed and my wife and I are absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. The entire experience was easy and we got exactly what we wanted for a great price. Chris is very helpful and easy to work with. We went to see his designs last Thursday and just over a week later my kids are playing on their new playset. The materials are top-notch. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get a great playset and not pay a fortune. Way better than anything you can find at the hardware and toy stores. A+. Thank you Wee Monsters!


Fantastic Product

Less than 30 minutes ago, my daughter’s new play set was installed in our wooded side yard by the incredibly nice people from Wee Monsters. From the first meeting with Chris, the owner, to moments ago when the last bolt was tightened, I have been impressed with their quality , versatility, and professionalism. Thank you, Wee Monsters!


Best bang/dollar and Excellent Customer Service

We shopped around for over a year – went to the Sams and Costcos, and all other retail store – trying to find a system that fits our yard which is slightly sloped. Wee Monsters, Chris in particular, worked with us and found an affordable custom made solution. The result? a system that fits, of great quality, and at a price that beat all others, including the installation! (remember the sloped yard). One last thought: don’t bother with used systems, unless you want to waste your time and money and risk getting something that may need repairs or custom fitting – Do it right the first time!

~Grace & Leo

Willing to go above and beyond

Chris and Ryan came out this morning to install our son’s playset, not only were they on time but they were done in two hours. We had a very small and oddly shaped plot of land for the playset to be installed on, not only did Chris configure it so the playset was facing our kithcen window but he was patient and accommodating when our neighbor cname out to make sure the playset was not going to be installed on their property; definately above and beyond.

Our son is only 16 months old but he loves his playset and although he loves his swing best he will have years of fun with his tire swing, rope ladder and rock wall too. I can’t thank Chris enough for his professionalism and willingness to install a playset on any terrain; I don’t think we would have a playset if this company did not exist. I will definately recommend them to my friends and family.

~Jack’s Mother

Best Money We Ever Spent on Our Kid

We are very happy with our Wee Monsters Playset, especially our daughter. She spends most days and nights now talking about her “Pirate ship,” asking in all types of weather to get out and swing and climb, etc.

Owner Chris and installer Ryan were great. They were so nice, showed up on time and worked very quickly, making sure everything was just right. What a pleasant surprise.

We are thrilled with the playset and it’s already shown its worth. Our daughter has a developmental issue with clumsiness and her speech. Since the playset went in, we’ve seen marked improvement in both. It’s been a real blessing.

We are very happy with our experience with Wee Monsters Play and we’ve been singing their praises to anyone that will listen.


Exceptional Customer Service and Quality

We just had a Wee Monsters playset installed and it’s fantastic! The design of the set and the finish are both attractive and both Chris and Jennifer worked with our budget and ideas to ensure it would be a perfect fit for our 1 and 4 year old boys.

With 3 swings (2 single and one double), a tire swing, a fire pole, regular ladder, rope ladder, rockwall and other smaller touches like a steering wheel, a telescope and a rope on the rock wall, my kids LOVE their playset and I love that they spend more time outdoors.

I was very impressed by Wee Monster’s customer service. My install was not standard (we have a creek in our backyard and I wanted to add a ramp that would go from one side of the creek where the house is that would lead directly in to the fort area of the playset on the other side of the creek). The creek opening was wider than originally anticipated so they had to make some changes, extend the ramp, etc., and at no point did they ever make me feel like it was an inconvenience.

Because the Wee Monsters team do their own installs, it was easily addressed because they don’t outsource the install process to another vendor. They are consummate professionals who know what they are doing and I now have a great set (and the ramp that goes from the fort to the other side of the creek is a conversation piece!). And to think that I was originally considering going to Costco to buy a playset and hire some guys by the hour to install it!


A Great Playset Installed by Great Folks

I initially contacted Wee Monsters about installing a set purchased from Sam’s but after researching further I decided that the store-bought sets are generally garbage. Wee Monsters’ playset was MUCH higher quality (in line with Rainbow, etc.) and, when you added in the installation labor, not too much more expensive.

It wasn’t cheap but it’s a good looking, solid playset that my kids (5, 3 and 18 mos) are loving. Jennifer was also very good about working with us to design a set that fit our needs and budget and the install team were incredibly friendly and open to making changes on the fly. Overall a great experience.


Exceeds Expectations, Exceptional Service

We bought a playset, and it has been one of the best purchases we have ever made. We bought the set with the picnic table underneath of the fort, and it is perfect for enjoying a bite to eat, or just hanging out while the kids play.

Chris and Jennifer provide great customer service, and they are very knowledgeable about the product and service they are providing. The product is of very high quality, and is durable. The kids love their playsystem, we have certainly got our moneys worth. We would highly recommend Wee Monsters to someone looking for a playset.